Child evangelism can be fun!

Sharing the Gospel with kids can be fun! Try these five simple ideas to engage kids with the message of Christ.

1. Sharing the Gospel through a Game – Gospel Plane

The Wordless Book is a popular Gospel presentation tool because it is extremely easy to use and very effective in communicating the message of salvation through Jesus Christ.

Folding and flying paper airplanes is popular activity that children enjoy.

Why not marry the two, and fold airplanes using papers with colors of the Wordless Book? After having fun folding and flying airplanes with kids, you can talk to them about the one special place that is far better than any holiday destination in the world that an airplane can take them!

Download templates and detailed instructions, as well as the script for sharing the Gospel using the Wordless Book.

2. Sharing the Gospel through a Science Experiment – Cleansing Power of Jesus!

Illustrate the cleansing power of Jesus with this simple science experiment.

Fill half a water jug with clean water – this water represents us.

Add a few drops of food coloring into the water – this represents sin in our lives.

Slowly pour liquid bleach into the water jug; the water should become clear again – In the same way that bleach cleans the stained water, when we accept Jesus into our lives, Jesus has the power to remove the stains from our hearts and make our hearts clean! 

3. Sharing the Gospel through Magic – String Magic

Take a piece of string about 5-6 feet long. Tie the 2 ends together to form a loop. You can use this string to perform a magic trick with the help of a child, and at the same time illustrate that sin entangles us and we need Jesus to free us.

Get detailed instructions and the script.

4. Sharing the Gospel through Objects – Lego Bricks

Lego is a classic toy that many children enjoy. You can have a fun time playing with Lego bricks together with kids. For your Gospel presentation, simply assemble various objects using Lego bricks and share the Gospel message using the same points the Wordless Book:

  • Use yellow bricks to make a house – this represents heaven.
  • Use black bricks to make a heart – this represents sin.
  • Use red bricks to make a cross – this represents the blood of Jesus.
  • Use white bricks to make a heart – this represents a clean heart.
  • Use green bricks to make a tree – this represents growth.

5. Sharing the Gospel through a Bonding Activity – Nail Polish

Planning a “lock-in” or sleepover with a group of preteen girls? Enjoy a time of bonding by painting each other’s nails! While you’re at it, why not paint your nails with the colors of the Wordless Book and use this as a conversation starter to share the Gospel message?

More Fun Ways to Share the Gospel with Kids

When Jesus taught His first disciples, He used things they were familiar with, like sheep, fish and bread. The above ideas are just some examples of how we can follow in Jesus’ footsteps by using items that children are familiar with, and things they enjoy, to share with them the Gospel message. With some thought and creativity, the possibilities are endless! For instance…

  • Instead of playing with Gospel Planes, you can play with the Wordless Footbags (Hacky Sacks).
  • Instead of String Magic, try the Wordless Magic Bag.
  • Rather than using Lego bricks, replace with other common objects like balloons or jelly beans.
  • Rather than bonding through nail painting, try making Salvation Bracelets together.

If you like these ideas, visit Let the Little Children Come for other creative child evangelism ideas, tools and resources.

Alvin Gan

Author Alvin Gan

Alvin Gan is the founder of Let The Little Children Come, and author and creator of various child evangelism tools and resources. He also works for a regional community development organization based in Singapore.

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