Where do you start? What color should you paint? Take a look at these six ways to renovate your children’s ministry space—complete with recommended options and DIY ideas for your team!

Whether you are making small updates or doing a complete remodel, there comes a time that every children’s ministry space needs some renovations. Regardless of your budget, this process can be quite daunting for any one person to tackle alone! Here are six ideas to get you started.

Ideas to Renovate your Children's Ministry Space

1. Check in Areas

Check in areas are a great way to welcome children and families to your space (especially new guests). A registration area is easy to set up if you don’t already have one in place. (P.S. If you don’t have an online check in system in place, check out this overview of different check in software systems!)

For smaller spaces, high-top tables work great for allowing parents to line up and check their kids in. You can still jazz up the smaller area with signs or large banners behind the table. Stand-up banners can fit almost anywhere and are especially great for portable churches or those without large entrance spaces. Banners are great to use as directional aids (which way to which classroom) or as a general welcome including the name of the children’s program and time of the services. Sites like DisplayitatChurch.com have all kinds of banners and displays for sale if you want them custom made.

DIY Option: Want to make simple displays yourself? You can use any large piece of fabric or canvas (cheap bedsheets work great). Use chalk to sketch out your design and then paint whatever you want (stencils are helpful)! Try wrapping the fabric around foam boards for more support or just hang your new fabric banner by itself.


2. Flooring

With all the wear and tear, flooring seems like it needs constant updating. Rugs are a good choice for rooms as they’re easily cleanable and replaceable. Round, shaggy rugs are my personal favorite for rooms as they can add a fun pop of color and are also comfy for children to sit on. Place a couple of these by a reading or story area in younger classroom, or buy a bunch to use as seating or décor.

My #1 Pick: Carpet squares are a great, simple solution for kids’ rooms! You can easily replace one in case of an accident and you can cut and arrange the squares in fun patterns, if you really want to get creative! For churches with one large space, carpet squares are perfect for creating separation between different areas by using different colors or outlining the spaces. Just be sure to order extra squares in the same color in case you need future replacements.


3. Walls

Whether you want to redo an accent wall, a border, or a whole room, paint can give your space a completely new look and feel. How do you choose what color to paint? Colors of your ministry are a good choice or you can go with basic children’s room colors (primary colors or green are your best choices for making the room feel welcoming, friendly, and fun). Don’t want to paint, but still want to update your walls? Wall decals and stickers are the perfect choice using word clouds, Bible verses, or murals. Check out sites like creativeforkids.com to see some options.

My #1 Pick: Chalkboard and whiteboard paint give you a fun, interactive accent wall for the classrooms! They’re available at most paint stores—just toss a couple coats on one wall and use it for teaching or to let the kids draw on the walls (safely!).


4. Storage

What is the one thing that every children’s ministry director is always running out of? Storage space! A simple (and necessary) ‘renovation’ is to take some time to organize your storage closet or area. Label and arrange shelves and containers so that you have more room to work with. Check out your nearest craft store to find plastic containers in bulk (Michael’s and Hobby Lobby always have sales and coupons). If you need more storage in the classrooms, in-wall shelving, bookshelves, and fabric bins are all great ways to keep all your materials in one place.

DIY Option: Create crate seating to make the perfect combination of seating and storage. Pick out some fun fabric you like and secure this around foam padding and a square of plywood. Put this on top of a plastic (sturdy) crate to create seats for your classroom—plus storage for you! See the full tutorial here!


5. Lighting

The right lighting can make your stage area pop and help engage kids to the fullest. To really make your stage stand out, try dangling some string lights above it or arranging a spotlight or two to draw attention to the area. For your classrooms, try investing in some playful lamps to arrange around the room rather than using the super bright LED overhead lights.

DIY Option: Follow this guide by churchstagedesignideas.com to create air filter light boxes! All you need are air filters, duct tape, and LED lighting for perfect stage décor.


6. Stages

Stages can help make your children’s ministry space more engaging and interactive. Fear not, making a stage doesn’t need to be a large, complex project! If you don’t have the time or money to put into building an elevated stage, then get creative and use carpet squares to make a ‘stage area.’ Combine this with tape lines on the floor for the seating area and voila—you have a stage! (P.S. Looking for skit ideas? Take a peek at Kidamazoo Studios’ lessons that are easily acted out with a small team).

My #1 Pick: Making a stage backdrop can be a fun activity for the children to help with. Search your supply closet for easy items to use, such as paper/plastic plates or construction paper. Invite kids to make paper chains to hang from the ceiling or paint their handprints on plates and stack these up behind the stage to make a backdrop.


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