A unified curriculum with a 6 year scope, D6 2GEN covers the entire story of the Bible by focusing on a grace-filled relationship with God rather than moralistic prohibitions and expectations.

D6 2GEN is a Sunday school curriculum that’s all about multigenerational discipleship with an emphasis on growth at home as well as in the church. Based on the philosophy of Deuteronomy 6, D6 2GEN is predicated on the belief that parents and grandparents play a primary role in discipling their children.

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As a unified curriculum with a 6 year scope, D6 2GEN covers the entire story of the Bible by prioritizing a grace-filled focus on relationship with God instead of a moralistic focus on prohibitions and expectations.

Teachers will find D6 easy to teach with its C.L.E.A.R. learning system:

  • Connect
  • Learn
  • Explore
  • Apply
  • Respond

Special attention is paid to forming a biblical worldview, which does more than teach biblical lessons, but enables students to make wise, scripturally informed decisions.

What makes D6 2GEN great

D6 Doorposts reinforce important central ideas

Throughout the lessons D6 2GEN uses Doorposts (named after the Deuteronomy 6 verse instructing Israel to write God’s commands on the doorposts of their houses) to draw attention to scriptural ideas critical to developing a biblical worldview.

In one lesson on Abraham’s promise, the Doorpost was, “The fact that God appeared personally to Abraham reminds us that God is a personal, spiritual being.” In the lesson about Genesis 6 and the flood, the Doorpost lets us know, “God grieved over the wickedness of men because God is a personal, spiritual being.”

The reiteration of this significant point confirms to me the value of the Doorpost idea. God’s personal, spiritual nature might be the most important element in all Scripture, and to be able to draw attention to details like this—especially when they’re not overtly stated—is invaluable.

Application brings the lessons to life

The “Apply” sections are scattered around the lessons and help the student make the connection between what they’re learning and how it impacts them personally. This helps contemporize the lesson and encourages them to leave with relevant ways to put what they have learned into practice.

In a lesson from Acts 10 about the spread of the church, kids are asked to consider when they’ve felt excluded from something. Then they read, “And the master said to the servant, ‘Go out to the highways and hedges and compel people to come in, that my house may be filled’” (Lk. 14:23) and are reminded that God doesn’t want to exclude anyone from his offer of salvation. In other areas of application in the lesson, students talk through connecting with people outside of their comfort zones. These are pretty remarkable things for kids in 2–3 grade to be thinking about in their own lives.

Generations strengthen their faith together

One of the hallmarks of D6 2GEN curriculum is its focus on generational ministry. This equips families to grow together around the same passages. The D6 curriculum is available for eleven different age groups, starting with infants and going all the way through adults with grown children. This is an ambitious undertaking, but D6 makes it look easy.

In the section on application, I mentioned the kids’ study of Acts 10. In the adult (Fusion) version of that same study, grown-ups discuss the same principles of breaking out of comfort zones and making the church a place where all are welcome to come and discover a life-changing relationship with Jesus. I can just imagine the potential discussion around the dinner table.

When you include the devotional study guides available for every age group, you have a recipe for dramatic discipleship that not only transforms individuals, but has the potential to bring entire families together—and lead them to Jesus.

What you need to know

D6 2GEN is best for:

Age range: Infant–Adults with adult children
Denomination: Non
Bible translation: KJV, ESV, NKJV
Publisher: Randall House

Format and media:

Class format: Classroom
Material format: Disciplr, print
Includes video? No


Scope and sequence duration: 6 years
Follows ISSL? No
Mid-Week/Supplemental? Yes

Want more? Browse and sample D6 2GEN curriculum on Disciplr.

This review is based on D6 2GEN Adventure Kids for kindergarten – 1st grade.

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