Children’s Church Curriculum is much more than the lessons, songs, and games you give to kids.

Spend any time with kids, and you’ll be amazed at how much information they can soak up in a short amount of time! Any children’s church curriculum you implement in your ministry can have a huge impact. Kids are observant and are going to pick up on things you didn’t even notice.

Here at Disciplr, we’re invested in helping you grow your ministry, and curriculum is a big part of that. But let’s take a step back for a second and look at the big picture of how much your curriculum choices matter. As a ministry leader, you want your time with those kids on Sunday morning to have lasting value and fruit. But choosing curriculum is no simple task. It can often seem like there endless options for children’s curriculum just waiting for you to sink hours and hours into.

You may find yourself wondering how much the curriculum you choose even matters. Is it even worth all the time it takes to research your options? We think so, and below we’ll look at a few reasons why.

Yes, your curriculum choice matters!

Different curriculum serves different purposes.

Each line of curriculum is trying to do something different; each one has a special purpose that it is trying to fulfill. By choosing a specific curriculum, you can choose one that matches up with your church’s theological emphasis and core values.

You have a key role to play in ensuring your curriculum aligns with your church’s vision. Remember that your curriculum has ripple effects on areas outside your classroom.

Make sure you know the differences between the options out there.

Curriculum helps build a foundation of faith.

As ministry leaders, you are helping build the foundation of faith in children. The tools you share with them now are things they may carry with them throughout the rest of their lives.

Your curriculum forms part of the bridge from early to mature faith. So consider how a particular curriculum equips children for the life of faith ahead. How does it help you teach important things about God, the role of the church, and lifelong discipleship?

Your curriculum choice matters and makes a tremendous impact on the children you’re serving.

But it’s not the most important thing.

A great curriculum is just one piece of your ministry’s foundation. Keep the big picture in mind as you plan where to invest your time and prayer.

Developing your leaders

Focus on training and equipping your team. Consider whether you’re spending more time on lesson prep or helping your teaching team to flourish in their roles. Ministry relies heavily on your people, which is why you should focus more on them, rather than preparation for your teachings.

Guiding kids to faith

One of the ultimate goals for any leader is guiding kids to a personal relationship with the Lord. There is no greater joy for a leader than seeing a child dedicate his or her life to loving and serving God.

Faith is not sealed with a piece of paper, nor is it confirmed with children participating in lessons. While the curriculum you choose matters tremendously, it cannot do the work of our Heavenly Father. It is the Holy Spirit who speaks to children’s hearts.

No matter what curriculum you use, prayer is your most important lesson prep tool!

To sum up

The curriculum you choose matters for a multitude of reasons. The lessons, activities, videos, and worship you use are key components to your ministry. Different lines of curriculum have different messages that will impact your kids in a variety of ways. Choosing the right curriculum is one way you can help build a strong foundation of faith, but don’t forget the power of your leadership team – and most importantly, the work of the Holy Spirit!

The new Disciplr is coming soon. Stay tuned to see what unlimited curriculum choices can do to save you time and headaches in your Kidmin role!

Meghan Mazza

Author Meghan Mazza

Meghan is a senior at Colorado Christian University in Lakewood, CO, and will graduate in Spring 2018 with a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration with an emphasis in Marketing, and minor in Communication. Meghan runs Track and Field at CCU and enjoys spending her time running, climbing 14er’s, and having fun with family and friends. Her hope is for her writing to shed some light on some unanswered questions that ministry leaders and pastors may be asking.

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