When your volunteers are at their best, the whole ministry wins.

Children’s Ministries thrive through the support of volunteers who are at their very best–volunteers who are passionate, love serving, and whom we know are going to show up. However, in order for them to be at their best, we must be prepared to give them the resources they need to get there. More often than not, these resources are intangibles that come through our intentional leadership and love. Here are the things I’ve found they need to have from you to see them serving at their best.

Their best is when they know the vision.
Children’s Ministry is more than just childcare. It is more than just keeping kids entertained while the adults learn. Volunteers need to know the “why” before they begin serving. They need to know what they are doing is valuable. They need to know how what they are doing is making a way for the children they serve to know and follow Jesus for a lifetime.

Their best is when they have the right training.
Once our leaders know the purpose of their ministry, they still need to know their responsibilities. They need to know what they are supposed to be doing, where the boundaries are, how to handle a difficult situation, and how they can be properly prepared to lead. Just remember to never keep them bogged down in the details.

Their best is when they have strong and constant communication.
They need to know the details of the ministry they are involved in. How often will they need to serve? How much do they need to prepare beforehand? Will the supplies be provided or do they need to gather them? Volunteers need for their leader to communicate with them consistently and share the important details.

Their best is when they know the proper materials.
Have you ever been asked to sub for a Sunday school teacher only to realize they have the curriculum and you have to wing it? It can be frustrating coming in unprepared due to no fault of your own. Children’s Ministry leaders need to make sure the volunteers have everything they need to succeed.

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Their best is when they know they are valued.
They need to know that they are appreciated. This may be sending them a handwritten note, taking the time to get to know them, telling others who amazing they are, etc. The simple act of bringing your volunteers a soda can make the difference a difference down the line if they’re starting to feel burned out. Care and value will always be gas in their tank.

Their best is when they’re using their gifts, talents, and passions.
It can be so easy to be caught up in trying to find a person who is alive and willing to fill an open spot that we forget that each Christian has been given unique spiritual gifts. Children’s Ministry leaders must look for where their volunteers’ gifts, talents, and passions would be best used. We also have to accept that it may not be in a place that serves us and our needs the best. But in the long run, this will always be better for them and for you.

Their best is when they have connection.
Volunteers need to have the opportunity to connect with other adults. This is especially true at my church for our Sunday Morning Bible Study Leaders. These adults graciously give up their small groups to teach our children. They especially need their ministers to guard their hearts by making sure they are getting poured into and connecting with other adults in the church. This could be done by making sure they have a small group during the week or by planning social events for the other leaders. Every leader needs to be healthy, and community is a huge piece of that.

Their best is when they’re connected to their pastors.
Volunteers need to be cared for, poured into, and guided. They need to know that they are loved and may need someone to give them wisdom. Whether our rockstar volunteers need direction to slow down in their volunteer roles or just need to be noticed for a day, your input and guidance can’t be substituted. Make the time to individually thank, get to know, and lead each of your volunteers throughout the year.

Children’s Ministry volunteers are invaluable. We, as ministers and leaders, need to make sure we give them what they need in order to succeed and be able to do all things for the glory of God.

Sally Cook

Author Sally Cook

Sally Cook is the Children's Minister at First Baptist Church Pearland. Sally lives in Texas with her husband, Zac, and dog, Harlee. Sally loves blogging about her life on teamzally.com, organizing, and connecting with families.

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