Frequently Asked Questions

What is Disciplr?

Disciplr is redefining the way that your church can access quality curriculum at a fraction of the cost. We work with some of the best publishers (David C Cook, Gospel Light, and D6 to name a few) to provide their best curriculum for all ages and offer it to you all in one place at one low price. This video might give you a little more context to who we are, too:

Wait, so you mean I get access to everything for just one price?

Yes, and oftentimes we actually save churches 40% or more than what they usually pay for 1 curriculum. With Disciplr the access and flexibility allows you to do a whole lot more for a whole lot less.

Sounds a lot like Netflix or Right Now Media.

Yes, you’re getting the idea! What differentiates us is that we’re the only unlimited service that directly resources Sunday school environments in a church setting. We’re resourcing churches, pastors, and any classroom learning environments in a church with curriculum that meets their needs.

That sounds like a lot of good stuff! But will it work for how we’ve setup our ministry?

We know that every church and ministry sets up their learning environments differently. That’s why we’ve made Disciplr as customizable as it gets. Have Saturday or Friday services? You can set that up. What about an upper Elementary and lower Elementary? Done. However and wherever you have teachers in a service, you can find and setup curriculum that works for them.

Speaking of teachers, what kind of access do they get?

The “instant and immediate” kind. 🙂 Instead of having to email teachers every week with PDF’s and documents, they’ll be able to login directly to Disciplr and instantly access the material that you’ve customized for their teaching experience.

But is it easy to use?

We think digital curriculum should be the most easy-to-use curriculum that exists, but oftentimes it’s not. Multiple downloads, scattered emails, and you often still have to print it out to customize it. We’ve built Disciplr to make sure that everything from your setup and customization to your teachers’ ability to access it is as simple as possible. Your volunteers will love accessing it at home on their computers and then even teaching from tablets or smartphones in the classrooms!

What about my 98 year old grandma Alice? She volunteers and thinks iPads are the devil.

We’ve got Alice covered. You’re still able to print all customized lessons to make even your digitally illiterate volunteers have the same great material to teach from.

We make our own curriculum at our church. Doesn’t seem like Disciplr’s a good fit for us.

We believe that every church needs access to curriculum and teaching that’s tailored for their specific attendees. Many churches that use Disciplr love having access to researched and proven curriculum that they can draw ideas from and customize to teach from, saving them time, headache, and resources. If you make your own curriculum, Disciplr will help you do what you do even better!

What about our multisite church? Can we use Disciplr?

As long as you are a “one church, multiple locations” model, you can use one Disciplr account for all your locations. Multisite churches love our Unlimited plan because as your church grows, Disciplr grows with you without charging you any more.

What denominational affiliation are you guys a part of?

Yours! We have many churches from different backgrounds and denominations who love the materials offered in Disciplr. You can check out what we believe here.

What is Disciplr Activity Central?

We exist to resource the local church. One day, we realized that one of the best sources for new ideas is YOU! So we created Disciplr Activity Central to be a hub for events and activities produced by churches like you, for you to share with other churches and ministries on the Disciplr platform. And because these ideas are tested and ministry-approved, you know that they’re accessible and high quality. Activity Central is just one of the many benefits of being a part of the Disicplr community! (Available at all membership levels)

Can I submit my event or activity to Disciplr Activity Central?

Absolutely! Just go here to submit your idea, and our Activity Central approval committee (made up of awesome ministry directors like you) will receive it. If it is approved, we will post it on Disciplr for all other churches to use!

What can I send to Activity Central?

We are looking for great ideas for children’s, small group, large group and other ministry activities, games, and projects.  We are looking for your original ideas and content. Do not send us any ideas or content that you did not create and you do not own 100%.  All submissions should be wholly owned by you, or by your church (and you have your church’s permission to post on Disciplr).

Will I get paid for my submission to Activity Central?

Disciplr is providing Activity Central as a free add-on benefit to all members, so we will not pay for the use of any submission on Activity Central and our members/users also will not pay to use them.  Please do not submit any materials if you expect to receive payment, or if a third party must be paid for our use and posting of it online (e.g. a stock photo company, etc.) . If you submit to us, you must accept our terms that you are granting to Disciplr and its users and review board a royalty and payment free, nonexclusive, perpetual, worldwide, irrevocable, unlimited license to use the submission and any content in it.

Who will be able to use my submission to Activity Central if it’s accepted?

All of the Disciplr community, its users, and the churches will be able to use it. Also, because we are providing Activity Center as a resource to ministries, they may share within their churches/ministries, and then these may get shared again and again as their ministry work spreads! We hope that the good ideas shared on Disciplr will be useful for the entire Church.