An ever-growing list of dependable free Sunday school lessons for kids

Finding great Sunday school lessons on a tight budget can be tough for people in children’s ministry. Finding good free Sunday school lessons for kids can be even harder. Especially when you are looking for a last-minute Sunday school lifesaver. Even if you find some decent free lessons, there’s still the question of printing them out: will the lessons be formatted for printing? How much will it cost to print the lessons?

There are all kinds of different Sunday school lessons out there. But fear not! We’ve assembled a list of Sunday school lessons from proven publishers. And you can get a month’s worth of Sunday school lessons for free right here. It’s the perfect way to try a new curriculum line you may not know about yet!

What kind of free Sunday school lessons are these?

Isn’t it disappointing when free lessons turn out to be lame or missing pieces? Thankfully, these free lessons are complete with all the resources you need to teach, powered by Disciplr (not lame!). Disciplr enhances your lessons with time-saving features like customization and lesson scheduling. If you’re interested in checking out more of the great digital power of Disciplr, we’ve got a nifty, quick video to show you around.

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Enough already, let’s get on to the free Sunday school lessons:

Free Sunday school lessons list:


Free Sunday school lessons for kids: Route 52
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A Kind Couple Shares with Elisha (based on 2 Kings 4:8-11)
Age group: 3s-4s | Route 52

Sharing is so instrumental for little ones to learn. Thankfully, there are great examples in the Bible where we can see how others were able to show God’s love through sharing.

In this lesson, children see the example of the woman from Shunem and her husband who gave Elisha a place to sleep in their house. Weaved together with fun songs that will further implement the lesson, children will learn that sharing is part of who we are as Christians.

Jonathan Shares with David (based on 1 Samuel 18:1-4)
Age group: 3s-4s | Route 52

The story of Jonathan and David comes alive as kids participate with objects from the story in this innovative lesson. Coloring sheets that depict a boy and girl sharing with each other allow kids to have a conversation about how they can be quick to share in their lives as well.

The Israelites Share Their Possessions (based on Exodus 35:4-29, 39:42-43)
Age group: 3s-4s | Route 52

God wanted to involve all of His people when it came to building his house. And in constructing their “tent-church,” all the people had to bring what they had to participate and build it. Using activities that impress how it takes a lot of people to make a church, children can start to see the bigger picture of how God invites us all to participate in what He is doing.

We Are Big Enough to Share
Age group: 3s-4s | Route 52

This lesson serves as a reminder of everything that we’ve learned through the past 3 lessons. Recognizing how we feel when others share with us, how we can share with others, and that God calls all of us to share with one another are the main topics that are revisited. Giving this age group another run of the same big ideas is a great call for helping them sink in deep.

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Free Sunday school lessons for kids: Route 52

Believing Jesus Can Change Things (based on John 1:2-11) Age group: 8-12 | Route 52

Jesus’ power is something critical to understanding that He is the Son of God. Through this lesson, kids will start to wrestle with the reality of his very first miracle of turning water into wine. If Jesus can change physical things, can He also change our hearts? Through a class investigation, children discover everything this story has to teach us.

Believing Jesus Can Heal (based on John 4:46-54)
Age group: 8-12 | Route 52

Trust and belief are hard qualities to develop in children. And yet these qualities can lead kids to open their minds to what it means to follow Jesus completely. This lesson will help them do just that. Through blindfold activities and a “road map” journey, kids will learn that Jesus is worth trusting and believing in.

Believing Jesus When No One Else Believes (based on John 9:1-38)
Age group: 8-12 | Route 52

With activities that will help children actively engage with the story of a blind man who Jesus healed. This is primarily done through a “news show” broadcast of this story that your children get to put on. The overarching themes of looking for God at work in your life continues.

Believing Jesus Is the Son of God (based on John 11:1-45)
Age group: 8-12 | Route 52

This is the lesson to tie everything together. By making yarn bracelets, kids will take hold of the foundations of believing Jesus is who He said He was. The story of Mary and Martha discovering Jesus’ body gone from the tomb is the key to this lesson. There’s also time to reflect on everything the children have seen God doing in their lives over the course of this unit.

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Free Sunday school lessons for kids: Bible-in-Life

Get Smart! (based on Proverbs 1:1-7)
Age group: Teens | Bible-in-Life

Wisdom is something not a lot of teens are actively seeking. As we investigate the Proverbs, students will start to see the value in it and that God is the source of true wisdom and direction in our lives. Through investigative study and roleplaying activities, teens will start to see how seeking and implementing wisdom affects their daily lives.

Living Wisely (based on Proverbs 7:6-23, 8:1-20)
Age group: Teens | Bible-in-Life

Looking through magazine clippings that represent things we can be tempted by will bring teens very quickly into seeing how things talked about in the Bible have practical implication in the decisions they make each day. Teens will be stretched to think how God would have us live in wisdom through the struggles we can face.

Words From the Heart (based on Proverbs 16:16-24, 27-28)
Age group: Teens | Bible-in-Life

“The words we speak are ______.” The ways your students will fill in the blank may surprise you. Great conversation starters and questions help teens to understand the impact of their words and how God’s wisdom can affect our hearts and words.

Wise Counsel (based on Proverbs 22:17-21)
Age group: Teens | Bible-in-Life

Seeking advice is essential to seeking God. In this lesson, your students will learn how to ask others who are wise for input and guidance throughout their journey. By thinking through situations that would be really difficult, this lesson will help your teens see that we all need help.

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Other Sunday school lessons found on Disciplr:

Free Sunday school lessons for kids: TruWonder


God is the creator (based on Genesis 1-2:3)
Age group: 4s – Kindergarten | TruWonder

Friends, The Big God Story began when God created our world. God is the Creator, and He made you, and He made me. God has invited us to be part of His big story. He has given us a very important job—just like the job He gave to Adam and Eve. He has given us the responsibility to care for the world He created and everyone and everything in it. Guess what? God will be with us and give us everything we need to care for His creation. Why? Because He is good, perfect, and loving. He is not like anyone or anything else.

God is holy (based on Genesis 2-3)
Age group: 4s – Kindergarten | TruWonder

Because God sent Jesus—His holy and perfect Son—to die on the cross, we can be with God forever and ever because He paid the price for our sin. God is good. He is unlike anyone or anything else.

God is a promise keeper (based on Genesis 6:1 – 9:17)
Age group: 4s – Kindergarten | TruWonder

God made a covenant with Noah and all living creatures on earth. A covenant is a special kind of promise. It means you’re going to do what you say you’ll do, no matter what. God promised He would never flood the entire earth again. Never again would everything die like it had in the flood.


Free Sunday school lessons for kids: Bible-in-Life elementary


Caring families (based on Exodus 1:6—2:10)
Age group: Kindergarten – 1st | Bible-in-Life

Our Bible story from Exodus about Miriam and her mother caring for baby Moses teaches us that God wants people in families to care for one another.

Helpful families (based on Exodus 3—5:12)
Age group: Kindergarten – 1st | Bible-in-Life

With Aaron’s help, Moses was able to do this hard job for God. Just as Moses’ brother helped him, God wants people in families to help one another.

Learning from my family (based on Exodus 18)
Age group: Kindergarten – 1st | Bible-in-Life

Jethro said, “Moses, there are too many people for you to see all by yourself. You need some help!” Jethro went on, “Moses, let me help you learn a better way. You should choose some good helpers. Let them listen to the people and help them with the easier things. When something hard comes up, let your helpers bring the problem to you.”


Free Sunday school lessons for kids: Discipleship Jr
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God is our provider (based on Genesis 17:15—22; 22:1—14)
Age group: 1st–4th | Discipleship Jr.

God’s name Jehovah Jireh means “God will provide.” God gives us exactly what we need, at the exactly right time. We don’t always see it or understand it, like Abraham. But once God provided the ram for the sacrifice, Abraham saw how perfectly God provided for him. God is the same today, and he provides for you and me.

God is our provider 2 (based on Genesis 17:15—22; 22:1—14)
Age group: 1st–4th | Discipleship Jr.

Jesus is the most important thing God has provided for us. Having him as the leader of your life is much better than all the other things you have … because nothing and no one else can clean away your sin.

God is our battle fighter (based on Romans 8:31)
Age group: 1st–4th | Discipleship Jr.

It was an amazing victory! The Israelites won because God had fought for them. Moses knew they would always want to remember how God had won the battle, so he stacked up some big stones into an altar. That was how the people of Israel remembered important things God had done. Moses named the altar “The Lord is my battle fighter.”


Free Sunday school lessons for kids: Rio early elementary
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God starts to create (based on Genesis 1:1–5, 14–19)
Age group: 1st–2nd | Rio

Explore with your children how incredibly mind-bending it is that God existed before time, before space, before our planet, and before us! God’s incredible power and unlimited, amazing creativity reflect His unsurpassed glory and greatness. Yet even the most awesome waterfall or majestic mountaintop gives us just a glimpse of God.

God creates water, sky, birds, and fish (based on Genesis 1:6–10, 20–23)
Age group: 1st–2nd | Rio

Scientists have identified tens of thousands of different kinds of birds and fish around the world. But they estimate that there are hundreds of thousands, maybe even millions, that haven’t been discovered yet! God created this infinite variety for His own enjoyment. Imagine God’s delight in being God as He watches each creature in the vast skies and seas doing exactly what He created it to do.

God creates land, plants, and animals (based on Genesis 1:9–13, 24–25)
Age group: 1st–2nd | Rio

God is amazing. He could have made all plants the same, but He decided to make each one different. God created nearly 300,000 different types of plants, each with its own purpose!


Free Sunday school lessons for kids: TruStory
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God redeems (based on Genesis 1—3)
Age group: 1st–2nd | TruStory

A redeemer is someone who makes all the wrongs right—someone who pays the price to bring back what was lost. The amazing part is that the Redeemer will be God Himself.

God keeps his word (based on Genesis 6:1—9:17)
Age group: 1st–2nd | TruStory

God keeps His word, and even though people were choosing to disobey and forget about God, He did not forget about them and His promise! God choose a man and his family to help carry out His promise. This man was righteous, which means he followed God even when no one else did. He chose to trust and obey God.

God is Lord of all (based on Genesis 12:1–9; 15—16; 21:1–7)
Age group: 1st–2nd | TruStory

God not only spoke His covenant promise to Abram, but even changed his name as a sign of His covenant! He wanted Abram to know that His promise was for sure—and that God is Lord of all. He wanted him to know that His promise was a big deal and a blessing.

Free Sunday school lessons for kids: Bible-in-Life 2nd-3rd grade


God’s plan in creation (based on Isaiah 40:28)
Age group: 2nd–3rd | Bible-in-Life

We know that sometimes things do get mixed up. But when we look around us and see all the living things, it should help us to understand that these things didn’t just happen, or they would be quite mixed up. Today we will be studying the plan God used in Creation, and how it helps us trust him.

Appreciating creation (based on Genesis 1:6-13, 28-29)
Age group: 2nd–3rd | Bible-in-Life

God created everything. Man makes things from what God has created. Only God can create things out of nothing. Man must use what God has already created. It’s great that God created the world the way He did! He made it that way on purpose. We’ll learn more about God’s beautiful and useful creation in our Bible story.

Our amazing creator (based on Genesis 1:20-25)
Age group: 2nd–3rd | Bible-in-Life

Did you know that God thinks animals are pretty neat too? Animals are an important part of His plan. Today we’re going to learn about the day when God created the animals.


Free Sunday school lessons for kids: Rio elementary


God creates the world (based on Genesis 1:1–10)
Age group: 3rd–4th | Rio

God, as its Creator, is often described as light in the Bible. Throughout Scripture, light signifies life and blessing; it gives direction and denotes God’s presence. The Bible uses imagery of light and darkness to represent godliness and evil.

God fills the world (based on Genesis 1:11–13, 24–25)
Age group: 3rd–4th | Rio

God created the world with order and design. He made the seas and then filled them with fish. He formed the land and then created cows and sheep to roam on it. God had a thoughtful, detailed plan for creation.

God’s creation flourishes (based on Genesis 1:20–23; Psalm 104:24–30)
Age group: 3rd–4th | Rio

Creation became more exciting with each new day! God provided everything that was needed for each creature and helped His creation flourish right where He placed it.


Free Sunday school lessons for kids: Gospel Light
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Perfect Promise (based on Isaiah 7:14; 9:2–7; Matthew 1:18–25; Luke 1:26–56)
Age group: 3rd–4th | Gospel Light

Lots of people make promises. Sometimes people keep their promises and sometimes people break them. We know that no matter what, God will always keep His promises to us. He sent Jesus to be our Savior so that we could be a part of God’s family, just like He promised.

Bethlehem Baby (based on Luke 2:1–20)
Age group: 3rd–4th | Gospel Light

Jesus was the Messiah—the One God had promised to send. Jesus’ birth was part of God’s plan from the very beginning! Jesus came to tell people about God and to show what God is like. And most amazing of all, God knew that Jesus would take the punishment for our sins by dying on the cross and then coming back to life again. Jesus is the Savior!

Wise Worshipers (based on Matthew 2)
Age group: 3rd–4th | Gospel Light

Usually, when we talk about worship, we think of singing or playing music. But worship means much more than that! Worshiping Jesus includes all the things we do to show love and respect to Him. And showing love and respect to Jesus in the things we say and do is the very thing that God wants us to do.


Free Sunday school lessons for kids: Bible-in-Life upper elementary


Power Play (based on Psalm 19:1)
Age group: 4th–6th | Bible-in-Life

Today we learned about God’s incredible creative power. He spoke, and worlds appeared from nothing. This is just one example of God’s power in Creation! How can we respond to God’s creative power? One thing we can do is to praise Him because He created with such power.

The wise thing to do (based on Genesis 1:6-13; Psalm 104:24)
Age group: 4th–6th | Bible-in-Life

God taught Moses how He had created the world. Moses wrote in the Book of Genesis what he had learned. He wrote how God made possible the growth of plants to cover the earth. The Book of Genesis shows clearly how God went about His creation—in a wise, orderly fashion.

Purpose in mind (based on Genesis 1:20—2:3)
Age group: 4th–6th | Bible-in-Life

In the first three days of Creation, God created the earth, sky, seas, land, and plants. On the fourth day, God created the sun, moon, and stars. God had a purpose for the way He went about creation. All the things He had created so far helped get ready for the fifth and sixth days of Creation. After each day of creation, God said that His creation was good. But God was not done yet!


Free Sunday school lessons for kids: Rio preteen


God in the beginning (based on John 1:1–4; Genesis 1:1–4)
Age group: 5th–6th | Rio

God is three in one, the Alpha and Omega, the beginning and the end. He has existed since before time began, and yet He’s a part of each one of our finite moments.

While God’s power and presence throughout eternity may be too much for us to grasp, we can celebrate the fullness of our Creator and the blessing of being in a relationship with Him.

God reigns over creation (based on Genesis 1:14–19; Isaiah 40:21–26)
Age group: 5th–6th | Rio

Isaiah 40 doesn’t just illustrate the bigness of our God, who calls every star by name and makes the heavens His dwelling place. It also shows His attention to the crowning glory of His creation: the human beings created in His image.

God’s wisdom in creation (based on Genesis 1:6–10; Proverbs 8:22–31)
Age group: 5th–6th | Rio

Our world wasn’t thrown together; it wasn’t experimental. It was designed with wisdom—ordered in such a way that it has continued to renew itself from the beginning of time until now.

High School



Words of Wisdom (based on Proverbs 1:1–7)
Age group: High School | Custom Curriculum

There is a real value in seeking after wisdom—but it will cost you something too. Your job as we continue in this study is to decide if the benefits of wisdom outweigh the costs. Help kids understand that the way to become wise is to get to know God better and follow His ways. Getting to know God is a life-long process!


Free Sunday school lessons for kids: D6


Temples of the Holy Spirit (based on 1 Samuel 16:13; Psalm 139:7; 1 Corinthians 3:16; 6:19)
Age group: High School | D6 2GEN

The Holy Spirit is often the part of the trinity that people have the hardest time understanding. The concept of a Father and a Son, at first glance, seems much easier to grasp. However, as believers who have been promised the Holy Spirit as a helper, it is vital for us to understand who the Holy Spirit is.

Fruitful Followers (based on Galatians 5:16–26)
Age group: High School | D6 2GEN

The Holy Spirit produces fruit in believers, giving them new attitudes and actions that contrast with those of the unredeemed. Jesus said He would send the Holy Spirit to live in His followers. By following the Spirit’s leading and placing ourselves under His control, we can produce fruit for Christ.

The Miracle Birth (based on Luke 1:26–45; 2:1–7)
Age group: High School | D6 2GEN

God’s promises of old came true. Mary, a virgin, conceived a child—Jesus of Nazareth—through the power of the Holy Spirit. While this lesson focuses on Christ’s birth, we will note that the Spirit played a major role in the events leading up to that miraculous day. He worked in specific people’s lives to make sure the Father’s will was accomplished.


Hopefully, you’ve found some lessons on our list which meet your needs. We’re trying to make it easy for busy children’s ministry leaders and teachers to present fun lessons for Sunday school, midweek, or children’s church programs!

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