How to build meaningful relationships with kids, parents, and volunteers in children's ministry.

About-Relationships-Cover-orangeYou know relationships are important–but that doesn’t necessarily make it easy to build them, especially in children’s ministry. And KidMin relationships can be complex. You need to earn parents’ trust and keep them in the loop regarding what you’re teaching. You need to win volunteers (and they need to want to be there). And then there’s building relationships with the kids: sharing the gospel with them and watching them grow more and more like Jesus.

Relationships aren’t easy, but they’re vital to children’s ministry. That’s why Karl Bastian wrote his latest ebook, It’s about Relationships. (And you can pick it up for free!)

Karl is the founder of Kidology.org, a go-to resource for children’s ministers around the world. He shares tips from what he’s learned as a children’s pastor, volunteer, and KidMin thought leader on the Web. There’s a lot in here. If you’ve ever wondered how to connect with kids, parents, and volunteers, this practical guide is jam-packed with ideas to get you started.

Are you ready to start building awesome relationships in your children’s ministry? Get It’s about Relationships for free now.

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