This slick Disciplr feature will save you a lot of time, gas money, and brain cells.

When I started volunteering as a KidMin teacher, I didn’t know I would spend so much time shopping for supplies.

Seriously. There was a Hobby Lobby run every week for new craft material or decorations, and sometimes there were more—it seemed we always ran out of tape at the last minute!

Plus, it was a little frustrating to know that out of any list of materials I was handed, there were some items we already had covered, some items on the list we didn’t have, and some items we couldn’t afford.

Making stuff for kids is fun. But burning up gas (and brain cells) on multiple trips? Not so much. I remember thinking, “Isn’t there a simpler approach to organizing the materials I need?”

You probably know where I’m going with this: Disciplr makes shopping for supplies a much smarter process.

It’s pretty cool. With Disciplr, you can:

See all the materials you’ll need for a given lesson.

Disciplr Materials List

Add those materials to your shopping list (which both admins and teachers can see). You can even substitute your own materials that fit your tastes and budget.

Disciplr add materials to shopping list

And when you’re ready to go shopping, you can print out the whole list from Disciplr!

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