Route 52 (ages 3–12) is a completely flexible Sunday school curriculum or mid-week supplement that's easy to edit.

There’s no question that the Internet has made Sunday school curriculum easier to find, acquire, and work with. Route 52 is another great curriculum for the internet age. Broken into four age groups (3–4, 4–6, 6–8, and 8–12), Route 52 curriculum is easy to find, download, and use with your students. It’s completely reproducible with nothing more to buy ever!

Completely flexible, Route 52 can be used for your Sunday school curriculum, mid-week group, or as a last-minute supplement to your current curriculum! It’s a great addition any time you need a little something extra to help round out an hour.

(By the way, if you are looking at this review because you’re trying to choose your next Sunday school curriculum, you might want to check out my complete guide to making that decision.)

What makes Route 52 great

Activities are appropriate for each age group

Sometimes the activities in a curriculum don’t seem like a good fit for the age group you’re teaching. Either they’re too advanced for some of the kids and lose the kids’ interest, or else they’re too juvenile and the kids kind of resent them. In Route 52, the activities are perfectly suited for the age group you’re ministering to. These activities include:

  • Ages 3–4: Song lyrics, Bible stories, rhymes, coloring pages, crafts
  • Ages 4–6: Games, song lyrics, fun food ideas, Bible stories, interactive visuals
  • Ages 6–8: Bible memory activities, games, crafts, Bible stories, application activities
  • Ages 8–12: Games, Bible memory activities, Bible lessons, object lessons, application activities

Quality interaction for preschoolers

Kids who haven’t even started attending kindergarten can be super fun to have in class, but super hard to teach. They’re squirmy and giggly, and can have a hard time understanding what’s going on. It’s nice when curriculum creators are particularly dialed into this age group.

I liked the way that the classes were written for these younger children. They really focused on the important elements that have to be considered for preschoolers, namely, hands-on activities, playing, and a lot of repetition.

Preteens learn valuable lessons about faith

Kids learn that their faith grows by reading God’s Word and the things that they do. They also learn that relationships that foster accountability will build faith, too. This an important thing to learn as early as possible. The sooner kids understand the value of accountability, the better they can leverage their relationships to grow in maturity—an important lesson as they transition into middle and high school!

What you need to know

Route 52 is best for:

Age range: Ages 3–12
Denomination: Non
Bible translation: Varies
Publisher: Standard Publishing

Format and media:

Class format: Classroom
Material format: Disciplr
Includes video? No


Scope and sequence duration: 2 years
Average lesson time: 60 minutes
Follows ISSL? No
Includes Mid-Week/Supplemental? No

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