Shout Praises Kids Sunday school curriculum (ages 6–10) puts worship at the center of each lesson!

Sometimes you need a Sunday school curriculum that can be used in a variety of different class formats. Shout Praises Kids (SPK) is a quarterly curriculum created to be a fantastic fit for Sunday schools, children’s ministry worship services, Christian schools, mission trips, and anywhere you’re teaching kids God’s Word—with an emphasis on worship. Ideal for elementary-aged students, SPK is perfect as a stand-alone lesson series or as a worship supplement to other curriculum.

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What makes Shout Praises Kids great

Kids benefit from a unique focus on worship

Each SPK lesson revolves around worship. Lessons open with a time of singing and the curriculum builds upon that experience with Bible-based lessons that elaborate on the message of each song. I can’t think of another curriculum that places worship at the center of study. SPK takes worship seriously, and that truly sets this curriculum apart. As I read through various SPK material, I found myself wishing that there was an adult equivalent.

Lessons are learned by examining worship songs

SPK is built around music from the award-winning Shout Praises Kids series. The curriculum takes worship songs (many of the ones we sing) and builds a lesson around the lyrics. This isn’t just a fabulous way to teach Scripture to kids; it’s a smart way to train kids to think about the impact of the words they sing. I can’t help but think that making children more mindful of the words they’re singing is a priceless byproduct of SPK curriculum.

SPK equips you with the right tools

SPK wants you to have all the elements you need for each lesson, in the format that suits you best. Each lesson includes songs with full audio and Split Trax (with vocals on the left and instruments on the right, so you can easily remove the vocals with the balance). Also included are song videos that have both styles of audio and display the lyrics. There are also videos with choreography for the songs, and even a weekly Scripture video.

What you need to know

Shout Praises Kids is best for:

Age range: Elementary (ages 6–10)
Denomination: Non
Bible translation: NIV
Publisher: Integrity

Format and media:

Class format: Classroom, Large group / small group
Material format: Disciplr
Includes video? Yes


Scope and sequence duration: 2 years (8 quarterly modules) available on Disciplr
Average lesson time: 60 minutes
Follows ISSL? No
Includes Mid-Week/Supplemental? No

Want more? Check out free sample lessons for SPK on Disciplr.

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