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David C Cook


  • 1st – 6th Grade, split into three age levels
  • Two-year scope & sequence
  • Shared quarterly themes throughout all three age levels
  • Family-ministry driven with strong emphasis on childhood discipleship


  • Toddlers to Adult, split into eight different age levels
  • Two- to Three-year scope & sequence (classroom format). Adult follows a six-year scope & sequence following the ISSL.
  • David C Cook’s most popular Sunday School curriculum in use by tens of thousands of churches today!
  • Focus on learning styles, bible memorization, vocabulary, and Bible application

Custom Curriculum

  • 6th Grade through High School
  • Ten different unit studies for Student Ministry, each dealing with different themes
  • Each lesson has customizable options, such as “Mostly Guys,” “Extra Action,” “Short Meeting Time,” etc.!

Noah’s Park Children’s Church

  • Ages 3 through 5th Grade
  • Three different 52-lesson kits
  • Correlates with the scope & sequence for Bible-in-Life, but can also be used on its own
  • Each lesson uses puppets, crafts, games, and skits

Jubilation Station

  • 1st – 6th Grade
  • 23 different units that can be used as a series or stand alone
  • Each 6-week unit teaches different biblically-centered topics
  • Large group/small group format

Bible Fun Stuff

  • Ages 3 through 6th Grade
  • Perfect for mid-week programs or to supplement weekly curriculum
  • Each unit offers between 20 and 50 lessons that can be used as a series or stand alone
  • Titles include Children’s Sermons in a Bag, Down in Front Children’s Sermons, X-Perience It! And If’s, Ands & Buts Children’s Sermons

Discipleship, Jr.

  • 1st – 4th Grade
  • Two-year curriculum great for Sunday school, children’s church or mid-week programs
  • Intensive student-teacher interactions make this curriculum ideal for including children with special needs
  • Each lesson is packed full of interactive stories and drama, Scripture memory, and themed snacks and activities that will engage every child

Life on Life

  • 3rd – 6th Grade
  • Can be used in small groups, VBS classes, afternoon/outreach programs and traditional Sunday school
  • Promotes life transformation that speaks to the whole child, including a child considered vulnerable and at-risk

Pick Up ‘n’ Do

  • 1st – 5th Grade
  • 5 different units with 12 lessons in each unit
  • Low preparation with options for teachers to choose from simple to challenging versions of each lesson, with activities, crafts and games

The Big God Story VBS

  • Five-day VBS program for preschool—elementary
  • In this fast-paced journey through the Old and New Testaments, kids will hear the stories of the Garden of Eden, the great Flood, the Promised Land, the kings of Israel, the holy baby born in a stable, and some unlikely friends who started a new church.
  • Includes supporting resources like sign-in sheets, promo posters, thank-you cards, take-home papers, and more.



  • 3-year-old curriculum
  • One-year scope & sequence
  • Utilizes repetition to build confidence in children
  • Can be used in either a large group/small group or classroom


  • Preschool – Kindergarten
  • Three-year scope & sequence follows the themes Redemption, Covenant & Worship with each year moving from Genesis to Revelation helping kids understand “The Big God Story” and their part in it
  • Family-ministry driven
  • Offers both Large Group/Small Group and Classroom versions to fit your church’s needs
  • Developmental activities encourage participation and build traditions with opportunities for creative worship response in every lesson


  • 1st – 6th Grade
  • Three-year scope & sequence follows the themes Redemption, Covenant & Worship with each year moving from Genesis to Revelation helping kids understand “The Big God Story” and their part in it
  • Family-ministry driven
  • Offers both Large Group/Small Group and Classroom versions to fit your church’s needs
  • Children build community and traditions with one another while intentional space is created for listening to God and responding in worship


  • 6th – 8th Grade
  • Releases in 5–8 week units (currently 6 units are available)
  • Can be used as either a youth group or Bible study format
  • Relevant activities encourage questions, conversation and transformation

Gospel Light

Gospel Light Curriculum

  • Toddlers through 6th Grade, split into five age levels
  • Four-year scope & sequence for most age levels (two-year scope & sequence for preteens)
  • Old Testament and New Testament Units to incorporate full Bible coverage through an Evangelistic focus
  • Focus on child’s relationship with Jesus by ensuring all teaching resources are solidly based upon God’s Word and that every lesson is tied to Jesus
  • Simple lesson plans at each age level make preparation easy for teachers

Standard Publishing


  • Toddlers through 6th Grade, split into six age levels
  • Most age levels are two-year scope & sequence (one-year scope & sequence for toddlers)
  • Younger age levels include extra material for teachers with students an extra hour
  • Special Needs Friendly symbols in each lesson highlight activities that will work well with all kids
  • Integrates Bible skills into each lesson, building on each other from one age level to the next

Route 52

  • Ages 3 through 6th Grade
  • 42 different units of 4 lessons each with age appropriate Bible stories and applications
  • Each unit is tailored for different age levels and is great for small groups, mid-week programs or VBS (as well as Sunday school!)

Randall House

D6 2GEN Curriculum

  • Ages 2 through Adult, split up into 9 different age levels
  • 6-year scope and sequence on all age levels
  • Aligned curriculum so that each age level studies the same Bible theme each week
  • Each quarter contains one month studies from Old Testament, one month studies from New Testament and then one month focusing on a special topic


Kidamazoo Studios

  • 1st – 5th Grade
  • 12 different video-centric units (each unit is 4 lessons)
  • Each unit is set up as a weekly live studio recording based on a different theme
    (i.e., Mindcraft: how our minds and thoughts shape the world that we live in.)
  • Includes fully produced videos for teams with very few volunteers as well as all scripts and instructions to create your own live studio recording
  • Created by the children’s ministry team at Valley Family Church in Kalamazoo, Michigan

Family Time Training

Family Time Activities

  • Toddlers through High School
  • 7 different units with 20 – 52 lessons in each (each lesson is meant to take less than 20 minutes!)
  • Great for small groups, stand alone and special events such as family nights
  • Meant to make spiritual lessons fun, effective and memorable

Integrity Music

Shout Pra!ses K!ds

  • 1st – 6th Grade
  • 8 different units with 13 lessons per unit
  • Perfect for children’s ministry worship services, children’s choirs, mission trips and more
  • Powered by music from the award-winning Shout Praises Kids series
  • Each lesson includes a Bible study lesson and 3 worship song recommendations with matching resources including videos


J12 Video Curriculum

  • Created for preteens (8 – 12 year olds)
  • 5 different products that are all video-based and between 5 and 13 weeks long
  • Meant to target children that are too old for Sunday School, but not quite ready for Youth Group
  • All resources are created with freedom to customize to your own needs

Flatirons Community Church

Summit Creative Curriculum Units

  • Ages 3’s – 6th Grade
  • 19 different units all topical/theme-based with videos
  • Each unit ranges from a single lesson to four-weeks
  • Created by the children’s ministry team at Flatirons Community Church in Denver, Colorado

Northland Church

Worship, Word & Way

  • Ages 2 – 12, split up into early childhood (2–5) and grade school (6–12)
  • Children will explore Bible stories from Genesis to Revelation
  • Includes adapted lessons for special needs classrooms
  • Comprised of 3 years of 52 lessons for each year (156 lessons total)
  • Created by the team at Northland Church in Longwood, Florida

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