It’s a big world out there when it comes to Christian apps­.

Devotionals, Bible readers, church management software—there are so many Christian apps out there! So the Disciplr team and I plotted the first “World Map of Christian Apps”: a visual guide to the landscape of digital tools created for the Church.

This map pulls together Christian apps of all kinds: from native iOS and Android, Web-based, desktop software, and even a PowerPoint plugin. It’s not a comprehensive list, but it should give you an idea of what’s out there. And of course, remember that this is an observation, not a recommendation.

And by the way: you can download a free copy of this map at the bottom of this page.

The World Map of Christian Apps

The World Map of Christian Apps

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Now, let’s take a closer look at each of the Christian apps on the map!

Bible apps

These apps are all about reading and studying the Bible.

Christian apps for reading the Bible:

The Bible App by YouVersion

iOS | Android | Windows | Blackberry | Web | Desktop

It’s still the Christian app of Christian apps. YouVersion’s app has been downloaded well over 100 million times. It’s quick, free, and probably the Bible app your friends use.

From their website: Our focus remains on relevancy as we consistently strive to demonstrate and teach people how God’s Word relates to everyone, no matter where they are in life. [. . .] We aren’t just building a tool to impact the world using innovative technology, more importantly, we are engaging people into relationships with God as they discover the relevance the Bible has for their lives.

Olive Tree’s Bible+

Android | iOS | Kindle Fire | Mac | Windows

The Bible Study App by Olive Tree is a widely-used tool for Christians who like to dig around while they’re reading the Bible. The app’s ability to sync study Bible notes with Bible text makes it a good resource for getting more insight into passages as you’re reading them—which is why I use this app when I’m following along with the sermon in church.

Plus, Olive Tree gives you the opportunity to build out your library with study Bibles, commentaries, etc. They offer a host of free Bible study and Christian living resources, too.

From their website: The mission of Olive Tree Bible Software is to inspire people to connect with God and the Bible via technology. Olive Tree’s Bible+ software is available across all major platforms. We create and design all of our software with beautiful craftsmanship in mind.


iOS | Android (coming soon)

GloBible focuses on making reading and studying the Bible a beautiful experience for the Christian. GloBible has been around for a while, but the latest version of the app (a successful Kickstarter project) is an all-new take on the Bible-study experience. GloBible encourages you to explore by tapping on passages to see more media and study resources.

From their website: GloBible gathers study content from contributing ministries, churches, publishers, and pastors and puts it just a tap away for you. Linked to each verse are HD videos, pictures, sermons, commentaries, maps, virtual tours, and more. No more spending valuable time searching across multiple sources to find what you’re looking for.

Christian apps for studying the Bible:

Logos Bible Software

iOS | Android | Web | Windows | Mac

Logos Bible Software has been a powerful research library for preachers and seminarians (though they’re becoming more lay-friendly). Their intricate tagging system makes Logos an invaluable tool for hardcore Bible geeks.

While other resources the Bible apps category are great for laypeople who want to read the Bible, Logos is NOT for your average Bible-reader. I’ve compared it to the Batmobile: it’s powerful, expensive, and overkill for most personal Bible study. But if you want to do a hefty amount of sermon research or dig around in the original languages for hours on end, there’s no tool like Logos.


iOS | Windows | Mac

Accordance is the elegant Bible scholarship software for savvy readers and ministers. It focuses on speed, ease of use, and building a specialized library of relevant resources for Christians.

From their website: Your time is valuable, so Bible study software shouldn’t be cumbersome or complicated.  Accordance Bible Software places all the tools you need right at your fingertips in one easy to use, lightning-fast interface.  And with a host of amazing, going deeper in the study of the scriptures has never been simpler.


Web | Windows | Mac

BibleSoft is making a comeback: they provide Bible-study tools and resources for Bible students and pastors (including a growing library of commentaries, lectures, and sermon visuals).

From their website: BIBLESOFT’s vision is to develop and make available to every Christian believer the most powerful, authoritative and easiest-to-use Bible-centric, computer-based tools, resources and materials that will enable them to grow deeper in both their relationship with God and their knowledge of His Word.

Bible memory apps

These apps focus on Scripture memorization using various memory techniques.


iOS | Android

The BibleMinded app from the American Bible Society focuses on giving you the tools you need to memorize the verses you want, and as many of those verses as you want. Its memory plans and self-tests help you commit Scripture to memory and know for sure that you’ve got it down pat.

The American Bible Society describes it like this: BibleMinded was built for those interested in committing sections of Scripture to memory and is a great way to study important Bible passages. BibleMinded can search and add custom verses, pick from growing list of memorization plans, memorize using four different study modes and track progress using the memory test. If desired, BibleMinded will send out reminders when it’s time to study again!



Verses has gamified Scripture memory, giving you five different low-energy mini games for memorizing Bible passages. Verses has lined up pre-set memory plans, and the social element of Verses allows authors, churches, professors, and other organizations to contribute content for helping people memorize the Bible.

There are plenty of memory apps to choose from (as this list indicates!), but Verses makes this list because of its design. It’s a gorgeous interface, which encourages you to come back again and again to memorize Scripture.

Remember Me

Android | iOS | Kindle Fire | BlackBerry 10

Remember Me has been around for a while, for good reason. Its platform versatility, flashcards, and other features make it easy to get the Bible into your head and keep it there.

From their website: The Remember Me Bible Memory App (for both Apple and Android) is an awesome tool to assist in bible verse memory work. This free* app allows you to choose Bible scriptures you want to memorize. You can play several different games that make Bible memorization easy and FUN! When you’ve mastered a Bible memory verse, the app brings it up for review every few days so you can retain what you’ve learned.

Scripture Typer

iOS | Android | Web | Desktop

Another powerful Scripture memory tool that helps you memorize Bible verses by engaging the Word with your eyes, ears, and hands.

From their website: Scripture Typer is the complete Bible Memory System for mobile devices and the web. Scripture Typer breathes new life into your Bible Memory time by actively engaging three separate cognitive areas: audio, visual & kinesthetic (touch) memory.

Church presentation tools

These apps are all about getting sermon presentations, lyrics, video, and other church communication pieces up on the big screen.

MediaShout & MediaShout Bridge

Windows | Mac

MediaShout was the first player in the church presentation space, and the latest version of their product has put them back on the map (literally, in this case). MediaShout combines a robust set of presentation software features with 7-day-per-week support, a store for purchasing new media, and other tools for churches looking for something far more church-friendly than PowerPoint.

Speaking of PowerPoint, MediaShout Bridge is a PowerPoint plugin that gives churches some “middle ground”: more features than PowerPoint (like 67 Bibles!), but less than the full-featured (and full-priced) MediaShout package.

From their website: Only a few years ago, you needed thousands of dollars’ worth of technology and a professional staff member to do what a volunteer can do with MediaShout on a single computer. These tools empower any church to make their worship richer, more stimulating, and more creative. From the time the audience comes in until the time they leave your building, you control the lyrics, sermon points, announcements, and everything else they see and hear. Whatever you want to share with your congregation, MediaShout does it.


Mac | Windows

ProPresenter was developed by a team of folks who loves the church, and wants to make it easier to make top-notch presentations. If you’re a Mac-using church, there’s a good chance you’ve already heard all about ProPresenter. (And they support Windows now, too!)  

From their website: ProPresenter is a lyric and media presentation package built specifically to make high-quality live productions easy — such productions include worship gatherings, sporting events, conferences, or even broadcast television. Taking full advantage of the latest technologies of your computer, ProPresenter operators control a presentation on one screen, while dynamically affecting the visuals and lyrics experienced by an audience on one or more screens.

Sharefaith Presenter

PowerPoint plugin

Sharefaith Presenter isn’t a standalone app. It’s a PowerPoint plugin that builds all the features a church needs right into PowerPoint for you.

From their website: 89% of churches use PowerPoint. Instead of creating yet another presentation software, we decided to re-invent PowerPoint through a powerful worship software plugin. Sharefaith Presenter lets you add text over any video, build custom countdown timers, access the largest worship lyric database, create your own custom worship set and directly insert over 58,000 worship media and videos straight from Sharefaith. You can also directly add Scripture from the built-in NLT and ESV database.


iOS | Android | Windows | Mac

Church presentation software tends to be geared toward the worship leader. The team at Faithlife made Proclaim: a solution that’s more pastor- and sermon-centric. Proclaim integrates with CCLI SongSelect, Planning Center (also on this list), Graceway Media, and Logos Bible Software.

And while the other tools in this category involve purchasing a single license to get the tool, Proclaim is a SaaS product: you pay a monthly subscription fee.

From their website: Proclaim puts everything your services needs on the screen. Cloud-based collaboration lets your team work on the same presentation from anywhere.

App builders for churches

These are the “meta” apps—they help churches stay organized, get to know their congregations, and streamline communication among staff, volunteers, and attendees.

The Church App

App building platform for iOS, Android, and Windows

Subsplash’s offering isn’t so much an app as an app platform, but it’s the engine behind many prominent church and Christian organization apps today. Apps for the Billy Graham Evangelical Association, John MacArthur’s Grace to You, Matt Chandler’s The Village Church, The Gospel Coalition, and R. C. Sproul’s Ligonier Ministries have all been created through Subsplash’s platform.

From their website: The Subsplash Platform / The Church App is a mobile app platform built by Subsplash that enables you to create high-quality, highly-configurable apps for your church, ministry, or organization. The result is a suite of rich and powerful mobile apps for iPhone, iPad, Android Phone, Android Tablet and Windows Phone. You can present full-length sermon audio and video, articles, images, blogs, and more. Many of these features allow end-users to share your content through Twitter, Facebook, and email. Event listings, maps, and online giving can be presented and integrated.


Custom church app & website builder

Sharefaith allows churches to create their own native mobile apps and their own custom websites. (And a host of other things, of course—you’ll see several Sharefaith solutions in this list!)

From their website: Sharefaith has partnered with over 100,000 churches globally in expanding their outreach in proclaiming Jesus as Lord, King, and Savior. We do this through creating cutting-edge media and technology resources that equip the entire ministry team and all ministry platforms to serve and teach with excellence. Compelled by the Love of Christ, we extend His love by using our gifts, skills and experience to further the Gospel, so lives can be transformed into personal relationships with God.

Pushpay Total Engagement Package

Custom church app builder

echurch began by providing Pushpay to churches (which we’ll get to later on in this list), but they’ve branched out into providing a “Total Engagement Package” to churches. They allow churches to create their own unique native app, which features include sermon media, emails, and (of course) mobile giving.

From their website: Our custom echurch app enables you to have a custom branded interface that acts as a central hub for your church membership. This can engage your community and prospective church members like you never have before. It offers resources for your engaged community to connect with you, event registration, push notifications, podcast access, video sermons, recent news, church blog, giving, and everything in between. Your church brand becomes “sticky” and offers members and prospective members a constant connection to your church. Suddenly, your reach and influence goes from whomever is attending church on Sunday to everyone with your app.

Apps for church management and engagement

These are the “meta” apps—they help churches stay organized, get to know their congregations, and streamline communication among staff, volunteers, and attendees.

Breeze ChMS


A Web-based church management software for small to mid-sized churches, Breeze lets churches keep track of members, giving, child check-in, groups, events and more. Plus, they charge a flat rate of $50 per month for all their features.

The Breeze team has built this entire solution with simplicity in mind. While other church management systems focus on doing more and more things, Breeze stays in its niche of helping small churches serve their people well.

Here’s what their founder and CEO says: We set out to build the most-insanely-easy-to-use church software imaginable, specifically aiming to serve small and mid-sized churches that need it to just work.

The City

iOS | Web

The City is a church community platform that began as the dream of Amazon systems architect–turned–pastor Zach Hubert. It’s a ministry-oriented way for congregations to engage each other and their communities in ministry. The City is built with the philosophy that people want to be heard, people want to be known, people want to be connected, and people want to make a difference.

From their website: Where church software used to be almost entirely focused on back-office automation, it’s now clear that software can play a vital role in mobilizing entire congregations for ministry. And that’s why we built The City.

Church Community Builder


Church Community Builder is a church management system built to empower church leaders through stellar technology, solid coaching, and practical networking.

From their website: At Church Community Builder, we care about church leaders, and our web-based software is designed (and continually being improved) to support the vital work you do. We’re known for this software, but believe it or not, software is not our deepest passion. Helping your church staff (both paid and unpaid) become more effective at how you do ministry is what fires us up! Our software is a powerful tool, but the real magic happens when our software is used to multiply your ministry efforts by combining it with effective process.



This church management software began as one man’s rostering system for his local church and has grown to a system used by thousands of churches around the globe. They give a portion of the money they make a way to help the worldwide Church.

From their website: We believe in living for a cause greater than ourselves. Our heart pours out to help new church plants, support orphans and widows around the globe, help churches build their own grounds, fund bible colleges and missionaries in developing countries, build orphanages so children can have a home, and support missionaries around the world so that they can pursue their calling.



ChurchTeams is a Church Management Software whose goal is to give churches the all-in-one software experience. ChurchTeams handles your church database, your small group management, email, online giving, KidMin check-in, and more.

ChurchTeams was started by a discipleship pastor and a software engineer who recognized that the small groups movement could be supported by a Web app. So they made ChurchTeams for their own church. Other churches learned about it, and over the past 16 years, they’ve continued to grow as they give churches Web-based tools for discipleship.

From their website: You naturally organize people in groups. Home groups, Bible studies, Sunday School, ministry teams, leadership teams, events, serving projects, and more. We pioneered small group software and lead the way in connecting, communicating and coaching your groups.



A 100% Web-based church management system that helps churches offer exceptional member care, steward their time and finances, and engage their communities.

From their website: ACTIVE Network’s Fellowship One is a 100% web-based Church Management Software (ChMS) for any size church. Ministry data is unified in a single-source, Cloud-hosted database that provides greater flexibility, accessibility, cost effectiveness, and security than self-hosted solutions. Fellowship One provides a complete view of members’ involvement, needs, and contact information, available anytime, anywhere with Internet access, so leaders can spend more time on ministry and reduce inefficiencies.

Planning Center People


Planning Center Online is one of the most well-known companies on this list. Their Services app is famous for helping churches plan, schedule, and rehearse services. But for this list, I want to highlight their People app. It’s their church database solution.

This deserves a big mention because it’s completely free. PCO has many, many aspects of church goings-on covered in their paid apps, from giving to presentations to kid check-ins. But the one app that covers what every church needs is free—even if you’re not using any other PCO apps.

From their website: Contact data, membership info, and everything you need to know about your people with confidence.

Church apps for giving

Not everyone remembers to bring something for the plate! These apps give Christians convenient, mobile-based giving options.


iOS | Android

Pushpay (provided by echurch) is an online giving solution for churches. They focus on reducing barriers to generosity, and their apps make it easy for people to make a donation in 10 seconds or less.

From their website: Pushpay’s platform is designed to engage and encourage existing and new givers. It allows regular givers to easily give more and helps you engage the 80% not giving regularly…yet.


iOS | Android

A text-based mobile giving solution: Kindrid lets congregants text the amount they want to donate to a church’s shortcode. It’s another crazy-simple tool from the folks at LifeChurch.tv.

From their website: Kindrid is a new approach to giving rooted in an understanding of generosity. Our goal is to empower you to engage new givers, increase generosity and further your church’s mission. The Smart Giving platform by Kindrid equips you to receive donations of any amount with a single text and provides powerful backend tracking and management tools. The Kindrid team also provides you with slides, videos and other resources to help effectively promote mobile giving among your congregation. Churches we work with have found Kindrid to increase both their total unique givers and total amount of money given.

Christian curriculum apps

Part of the Great Commission is to teach disciples to follow Jesus’ teachings—these apps help Christians pass on the teachings of the Bible and the church through curriculum.



Disciplr is a Web-based Christian ministry toolbox for teachers in the local church. The way churches select and use curriculum hasn’t changed much over the past 40 years—Disciplr gives teachers a cloud-based way to choose what they teach, customize lessons, and manage classroom schedules.

It’s the all-in-one timesaving solution for children’s ministry directors.

>> Try Disciplr free today

RightNow Media

iOS | Web

A vast selection of video resources for Christians: especially small group studies, kids’ media, and sermons.

From their website: RightNow Media is like “Netflix for the church” because we have a huge library with thousands of video sessions that people can access anytime, anywhere. Our creative team films and produces RightNow Media Originals featuring teaching from respected teachers and pastors.  We also distribute video resources produced by over 100 other major Christian publishers and ministries.

Christian apps for spiritual growth

These apps serve up the media that helps Christians evangelize, stay up-to-date on what’s happening in the world, minister to their churches, and have devotional time with God.

Christian ministry apps

Jesus Film Project

iOS | Android

It’s the JESUS Film in full-length and segments (plus several more films), in more than 1,100 languages. Wow!

This app is used by Christians all over the world to share the gospel with others. In fact, the JESUS Film is one of the most widely-used evangelism and church-planting tools on the planet today.

From their website: The Jesus Film Project® app is a full digital library of more than 200 full-length movies, miniseries, and short films produced to help the world know Jesus better. Everything on the app is free to watch, download, and share with anyone you meet, wherever you meet them.

Ministry Grid


A product of LifeWay, Ministry Grid is an online training library for local churches. In Ministry Grid, individuals and churches alike can purchase or subscribe to training materials. These materials cover the whole nine yards: video lectures, print resources, and even quizzes for assessing progress. You earn cool badges for completing courses, too.

From their website:  The Bible teaches in Ephesians 4 that a healthy, unified church is the result of training and equipping the people in the church. Why, then, do only 1 in 4 churches have a plan to train? A lack of time, know-how, and expenses are real obstacles for many churches, but they don’t have to be.

Ministry Grid is here to help.

Christian devotional apps



This social devotional app helps churches convert their content into interactive devotionals available to anyone, anywhere. The Refocus team believes that learning about God and enjoying church community shouldn’t only happen on Sundays. So this app allows churches and congregations to stay engaged with one another through videos and readings throughout the week. They’ve even included features that allow you to discuss devotionals with others people in your church!
From their website: Our vision is to build a tool to help Christians focus their attention on God. Today, people tend to learn through interactive videos and technology. We want to connect people to God with a platform that understands these trends. Our hope is to build a global network of churches and communities who provide daily devotional content to people all over the world. We want to give anyone, from anywhere, the ability to learn who God is.


iOS | Android | Web | Kindle Fire | Windows

Verse-a-Day does exactly what its name would lead to you believe it does. It sends you Bible verses daily.
Their website puts it best: Receive Bible verses and commentary delivered to your mobile device daily. Verse-A-Day delivers a new Bible verse each day that engages you with commentary, allows you to select a preferred translation, and provides the ability to share your experience with friends via Facebook or e-mail.


iOS | Android

This image and type-based devotional app is created for daily, bite-size Bible reading and sharing. But it doesn’t stop with the user—DVO’s Bible art is super shareable on social media, so users can share their devotions with friends, too.

From their website: Our intention is to help people get “His word in” in this busy, fast-paced life, in the most practical and convenient ways possible. […] We believe that every person should be empowered in their everyday living with God’s word.

Daily Bible Inspirations


Daily Bible Inspirations serves up Bible verses and inspiring images once a day on your phone or tablet. The verses are organized by an ordained pastor, and the images are easy to share on social media.

From their app page: This is the perfect app for you if you are a busy parent, a grandparent, a new Christian, a student, or anyone that wants to reconnect with God on a daily basis but may not always have time for daily devotions. All verses are personally curated by an ordained pastor with a PhD in Theology. (So they’re never pulled from a cold, impersonal database by a computer.)

Christian apps for kids

Bible Pathway Adventures

iOS | Android

This engaging Bible storybook app helps parents teach their kids about God and His Word. The interactive Bible stories explore the historical context of each narrative (complete with archeological tidbits) and help kids and parents alike know the Bible better.

One thing I appreciated about Bible Pathway Adventures is the fact that it’s not just traditional Bible stories with different illustrations. These stories help kids understand the world in which these stories took place. That means when you’re reading about the story of Jonah, it’s not just from the book of Jonah. You’re looking at Jonah’s ministry in the Northern Kingdom, as well as Assyria’s role in the world in Jonah’s day. (You’re as likely to learn new things about the Bible as your child is!)

From their website: The Bible Pathway Adventures’ storybook app is an educational tool designed to help parents and kids spend time together learning about God. Inspired by God’s Word, we’ve taken the timeless biblical stories and added world-class narration and eye-popping illustrations to bring the Bible’s most famous characters to life.

We want to encourage the type of discipleship that begins in the home and spreads outwards to the wider body of Christ. That’s why we’ve created the world’s first discipleship storybook app – to help parents kick-start this lifetime journey. After all, you’ll be the first teacher they’ll ever know.

Bible for Kids

iOS | Android | Amazon

We’ve already looked at the Bible App by YouVersion—this is its kid sister. The Bible for Kids app is designed to help children fall in love with God’s Word through interactive illustrated Bible stories.

From their app page: Through interactive adventures and beautiful animations, kids explore the big stories of the Bible. The Bible App for Kids is a delight-filled experience designed to encourage kids to return again and again. It’s the beginning of a lifelong love of God’s Word.


iOS | Android | Amazon

The app complement to the Christian Broadcasting Network series of the same name, SUPERBOOK, gives kids interactive animated Bible content, full episodes of the Emmy-nominated series, and a list of kid’s FAQs about the Bible.

From their website: All content is embedded within scripture, so children can easily interact with it from within the context of the Bible. This app also includes profiles of people, places, and artifacts from the Bible as well as providing Biblical answers to questions that are common to kids.


iOS | AndroidRoku

A video streaming subscription for families and churches, JellyTelly offers over 100 shows and movies that help lead kids into a life of faith.

From their app page: Christian parents are signing up for JellyTelly! Instantly stream hundreds of hours of safe, affirming TV shows and movies for kids. JellyTelly is the only Christian streaming video app designed specifically for kids. Co-developed with VeggieTales® creator, Phil Vischer, JellyTelly is a safe place for children to experience fun and engaging entertainment while learning about God, the Bible, and faith. In a screen-filled world, JellyTelly provides shows where God is real and His Word is true.

End the struggle with figuring out what to let your children watch on television and feel confident knowing your kids are seeing videos that point them to Jesus!

Christian prayer apps

These apps remind you when to pray and what to pray for. Most importantly, they help you keep your promise when you say, “I’ll pray for you.”


iOS | Android

Abide takes you beyond prayer requests and helps you grow closer to Jesus every day through prayerful time with Him. Abide gives you Bible verses to ponder, and then leads you through guided prayer.

Abide’s guided prayers are arranged by various topics and themes. They have guided prayers for everything from 30-day prayer challenges to prayers for people who struggle with insomnia. It’s a soothing app that helps you turn natural down-time (like your morning commute) into intentional prayer time.

From their website: Abide is product of Carpenters Code, a fellowship of technologists from Google, Tesla, Ebay, Microsoft, and other firms seeking to use their gifts to bring people closer to God. Our goal is to touch the world with meaningful, scriptural prayer so everyone may know God’s love and be transformed by His Spirit.


iOS | Android

How many times have we told someone we’d pray for them, and then forget to follow through? This Christian app helps you keep track of prayer requests and faithfully pray for the people and causes you care about.

From their website: PrayerMate brings all your prayer points together. Whether it’s your personal prayer points for friends and family, regular updates from some fantastic mission organizations, or the latest PDF prayer letter that just arrived in your inbox, PrayerMate puts it all together in one place and helps you get on and pray.

A Christian app that’s just plain fun

The Lutheran Insulter


We don’t recommend insulting people. But we would recommend visiting the Lutheran Insulter for some hilariously over-the-top burns from the reformer himself. The Lutheran Insulter serves up particularly caustic turns of phrase from Luther’s Works for use in playful banter with church historians, seminarians, Reformation geeks, and most definitely not your mother.

From their website: This insult generator presents some of Luther’s more crass words in good humor and not as a judgment upon the reformer. […] Some of his insults are inexcusable; a few are so crass as to make me reluctant to put them on this site (e.g. those to do with whoredom). However, when one reads his works, it becomes clear that these insults, a common rhetorical device in the polemical literature of the sixteenth century, were spoken in hopes of defending the pure faith against impure doctrine and guiding the church of his day back into the faith of the Church.


This is only scratching the surface. There are plenty more Christian apps in these categories, with new tools and new categories forming all the time. But this map gives you a decent idea of what’s out there for the Church.

What are your favorite Christian apps? Leave us a comment with a link. After all, the landscape keeps changing, and we’ll probably need to make another map later!

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