Unlimited curriculum is a game changer for your ministry.

We’ve all been there. You lay down a big chunk of your ministry budget on a curriculum that you’ve studied way too much, still unsure of whether or not you’ll celebrate or regret this purchase in a couple of months. You hope this will be a vehicle that God uses to reach kids’ hearts, but you just don’t know.

Curriculum purchasing has always been limiting.
Until now.

Disciplr has launched an innovative solution that will change the way your ministry operates for the better. With Disciplr, you pay one price for unlimited access to several of the highest quality children’s and youth curriculums in a powerful but easy-to-use online platform.

This allows you to see what fits your ministry best as you go throughout the school year. Try a lesson for a week, and see how your group responds. If it works, keep it going. If not, no worries at all. There are tons of other options just waiting for you. With over 20 lines of curriculum currently available, you’re going to find something perfect for your unique group of kids and volunteers in Disciplr.

Note: You can jump in and see for yourself by starting a free 30-day trial today!

When we talk with the many pastors who are already using Disciplr, their feedback is that the tools are game changers for their ministries. But the technical side of things isn’t what they’re most amazed by—it’s the intangible impacts that using Disciplr has had on their workload and ministry. Here are the top 3 things we’re hearing are the most impactful parts of using this new, innovative tool:

  1. Flexibility

In traditional print and digital curriculum, brands have to compete for your attention with cutting edge ideas in visuals, teaching techniques, and brand recognition. Now, you don’t have to choose between the best options available.

Think of it like going to your favorite restaurant—the place where you can never choose what to order because every single item looks so good! Now imagine the waiter says, “You don’t have to pick just one today! We’ve got an all inclusive price so you can try anything you like and decide what you like as you go!”

Disciplr means no more stressing over the curriculum you’re using. You’ll always have the option to try any other of the top-of-the-line choices you have on our platform.

And even your favorite curriculum has an “off week.” You know what I’m talking about. “Are we really doing that game again?” or “Yikes, I missed those supplies in my run this week.”

There are times you need an extra activity because something from this weekend’s lesson doesn’t seem like the best choice. You’re left running through every possibility in your head. And sometimes you just can’t come up with anything. Now you don’t have to come up with an idea on the fly.

You can always make lessons your own by picking and choosing activities, lessons, and songs that make sense for your ministry.

  1. Options

Think back to that favorite restaurant of yours. (I must be hungry as I’m writing this!) Regardless of whether you order the same thing every time or you like to shake it up, it’s always good to know that you have options.

If you’ve never tried another curriculum, you may be missing out on the perfect fit for your ministry.

Thankfully with Disciplr, the options are practically limitless.

We’re talking David C Cook, Heartshaper, Gospel Light, D6, and many, many more. There are tons of options to flip through. You’ve got to check it out yourself.

Disciplr means no more time-intensive studying over curriculum lines so that you make the best purchase. Now, you can just look through the entire curriculum available, try a lesson this weekend, and make a decision from there.

  1. Freedom

With so many options to try and customize, the best part really isn’t even what’s offered through Disciplr. It’s the freedom that all those tools create for you, the pastor.

The demands and expectations around you from families, volunteers, kids, and staff is tremendous. But sometimes the greatest pressure is the kind you put on yourself to create a great experience where everyone at your ministry can experience Christ personally. It’s a divine burden that every pastor who cares about their church has.

The key to giving every child the best experience possible is to focus on the kids.

And what Disciplr ultimately has to offer you is freedom from worrying and managing your curriculum. You can shorten the amount of time you’re working on curriculum and preparation to maximize your ability to spend time on something we can’t help you with: leading, pastoring, and loving the kids, families, and volunteers God’s placed in your world.

We built Disciplr to give you flexibility.
We built Disciplr to give you options.
But most importantly, we built Disciplr to give you freedom so that you can pastor and reach people more effectively.

Try it out for yourself today for 30 days completely free (no credit card required). We know you’re going to love it.


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