If you're looking for children's Sunday school curriculum, Disciplr 2.0 is coming early 2017. On the new platform, you'll pay one low annual price and have an all-access pass to all of the curriculum we have to offer. We've compiled a (constantly growing) list of just some of the curriculum this will include.

David C Cook


  • 1st – 6th Grade, split into three age levels
  • Two-year scope & sequence
  • Shared quarterly themes throughout all three age levels
  • Family-ministry driven with strong emphasis on childhood discipleship


  • Toddlers to Adult, split into eight different age levels
  • Two- to Three-year scope & sequence (classroom format). Adult follows a six-year scope & sequence following the ISSL.
  • David C Cook’s most popular Sunday School curriculum in use by tens of thousands of churches today!
  • Focus on learning styles, bible memorization, vocabulary, and Bible application

Custom Curriculum

  • 6th Grade through High School
  • Ten different unit studies for Student Ministry, each dealing with different themes
  • Each lesson has customizable options, such as “Mostly Guys,” “Extra Action,” “Short Meeting Time,” etc.!

Noah’s Park Children’s Church

  • Ages 3 through 5th Grade
  • Three different 52-lesson kits
  • Correlates with the scope & sequence for Bible-in-Life, but can also be used on its own
  • Each lesson uses puppets, crafts, games, and skits

Jubilation Station

  • 1st – 6th Grade
  • 23 different units that can be used as a series or stand alone
  • Each 6-week unit teaches different biblically-centered topics
  • Large group/small group format

Bible Fun Stuff

  • Ages 3 through 6th Grade
  • Perfect for mid-week programs or to supplement weekly curriculum
  • Each unit offers between 20 and 50 lessons that can be used as a series or stand alone
  • Titles include Children’s Sermons in a Bag, Down in Front Children’s Sermons, X-Perience It! And If’s, Ands & Buts Children’s Sermons

Discipleship, Jr.

  • 1st – 4th Grade
  • Two-year curriculum great for Sunday school, children’s church or mid-week programs
  • Intensive student-teacher interactions make this curriculum ideal for including children with special needs
  • Each lesson is packed full of interactive stories and drama, Scripture memory, and themed snacks and activities that will engage every child

Life on Life

  • 3rd – 6th Grade
  • Can be used in small groups, VBS classes, afternoon/outreach programs and traditional Sunday school
  • Promotes life transformation that speaks to the whole child, including a child considered vulnerable and at-risk

Pick Up ‘n’ Do

  • 1st – 5th Grade
  • 5 different units with 12 lessons in each unit
  • Low preparation with options for teachers to choose from simple to challenging versions of each lesson, with activities, crafts and games



  • 3-year-old curriculum
  • One-year scope & sequence
  • Utilizes repetition to build confidence in children
  • Can be used in either a large group/small group or classroom


  • Preschool – Kindergarten
  • Three-year scope & sequence follows the themes Redemption, Covenant & Worship with each year moving from Genesis to Revelation helping kids understand “The Big God Story” and their part in it
  • Family-ministry driven
  • Offers both Large Group/Small Group and Classroom versions to fit your church’s needs
  • Developmental activities encourage participation and build traditions with opportunities for creative worship response in every lesson


  • 1st – 6th Grade
  • Three-year scope & sequence follows the themes Redemption, Covenant & Worship with each year moving from Genesis to Revelation helping kids understand “The Big God Story” and their part in it
  • Family-ministry driven
  • Offers both Large Group/Small Group and Classroom versions to fit your church’s needs
  • Children build community and traditions with one another while intentional space is created for listening to God and responding in worship


  • 6th – 8th Grade
  • Releases in 5–8 week units (currently 6 units are available)
  • Can be used as either a youth group or Bible study format
  • Relevant activities encourage questions, conversation and transformation

Gospel Light

Gospel Light Curriculum

  • Toddlers through 6th Grade, split into five age levels
  • Four-year scope & sequence for most age levels (two-year scope & sequence for preteens)
  • Old Testament and New Testament Units to incorporate full Bible coverage through an Evangelistic focus
  • Focus on child’s relationship with Jesus by ensuring all teaching resources are solidly based upon God’s Word and that every lesson is tied to Jesus
  • Simple lesson plans at each age level make preparation easy for teachers

Standard Publishing


  • Toddlers through 6th Grade, split into six age levels
  • Most age levels are two-year scope & sequence (one-year scope & sequence for toddlers)
  • Younger age levels include extra material for teachers with students an extra hour
  • Special Needs Friendly symbols in each lesson highlight activities that will work well with all kids
  • Integrates Bible skills into each lesson, building on each other from one age level to the next

Route 52

  • Ages 3 through 6th Grade
  • 42 different units of 4 lessons each with age appropriate Bible stories and applications
  • Each unit is tailored for different age levels and is great for small groups, mid-week programs or VBS (as well as Sunday school!)


Kidamazoo Studios

  • 1st – 5th Grade
  • 12 different video-centric units (each unit is 4 lessons)
  • Each unit is set up as a weekly live studio recording based on a different theme (i.e., Mindcraft: how our minds and thoughts shape the world that we live in.)
  • Includes fully produced videos for teams with very few volunteers as well as all scripts and instructions to create your own live studio recording
  • Created by the children’s ministry team at Valley Family Church in Kalamazoo, Michigan

Family Time Training

Family Time Activities

  • Toddlers through High School
  • 7 different units with 20 – 52 lessons in each (each lesson is meant to take less than 20 minutes!)
  • Great for small groups, stand alone and special events such as family nights
  • Meant to make spiritual lessons fun, effective and memorable

Integrity Music

Shout Pra!ses K!ds

  • 1st – 6th Grade
  • 8 different units with 13 lessons per unit
  • Perfect for children’s ministry worship services, children’s choirs, mission trips and more
  • Powered by music from the award-winning Shout Praises Kids series
  • Each lesson includes a Bible study lesson and 3 worship song recommendations with matching resources including videos

Flatirons Community Church

Summit Creative Curriculum Units

  • Ages 3’s – 6th Grade
  • 19 different units all topical/theme-based with videos
  • Each unit ranges from a single lesson to four-weeks
  • Created by the children’s ministry team at Flatirons Community Church in Denver, Colorado

Northland Church

Worship, Word & Way

  • Ages 2 – 12, split up into early childhood (2–5) and grade school (6–12)
  • Children will explore Bible stories from Genesis to Revelation
  • Includes adapted lessons for special needs classrooms
  • Comprised of 3 years of 52 lessons for each year (156 lessons total)
  • Created by the team at Northland Church in Longwood, Florida


Michael Covington is a Team Leader for Disciplr, the only digital and interactive platform serving churches with curriculum across multiple publishers. His role and his passions combine to provide a unique perspective on how churches and ministries can (and should) do discipleship digitally. Michael, his wife, two boys and “Newfie-Poo” live in Colorado Springs, CO.

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